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We ensure that every sign of pest infestation is effectively treated to your satisfaction. All areas will be treated with high caution and treated with due care and attention, as to ensure that all signs of infestation are completely removed from premises. Ourfour stepprocess; Survey, Treatment, Observation and Prevention helps us to assess the area which is infested, and make surethat full impact of treatment iscommitted. We offer a guaranteed package for pest control services, ensuring thesafety of our technicians and customers are up held. We will respond within a maximum of 4 hours for any emergency job. UK legislation for food safety is this companies mandate for pest control services and we take high pride ensuring that the service we give is the service you are 100% satisfied with. Our locations are established within Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Durham.

Our Services What we offer

wasp nest removal

Wasp nests are very common and we ensure the clean- up is done with utmost perfection. Our desired standards can never be replaced.

Advice for the customer

They usually occupy holes in and around the home, garden sheds, holes

in the ground, compost heaps and other little cracks and crevices. Wasps are attracted to many types of food, they live on protein as well as sugars. Often people believe wasps eat just sweet food, such as fruit, sugary drinks, alcohol and sweets etc, although these foods are attractive to insect activity.

It is common to see them tucking into meat and pretty much anything they can get to. Therefore it is not just a case of removing the sweets from the picnic! The best thing to do if you are being overwhelmed in the garden is to watch them for a while and find where they are coming from, then contact Response Bio Clean with your concerns, and a member of our team will safely and effectively remove the problem.

mice and rat control

Not only do mice and rats spread diseases as they hunt for food and shelter, but their gnawing habits cause great damage to your home.


There are two main types of mice commonly found in infestations. The larger, long-tailed, field mouse (Apodemussylvaticus), which is around

two inches long and light brown, and the smaller brown/grey house mouse (Mus domesticus).Despite being so small, mice roam large areas in their hunt for food and move quickly. They’re able to fit through narrow cavities and run up vertical walls.Mice also carry diseases, including salmonella and leptospirosis, so it’s important to control the problem quickly.

Response’s technicians cover the North West, North East and County Durham, and we are well trained in mice removal.If you have a mice or rat problem, please contact us and we can help ensure that these occurrences are quickly dealt with.

Roach killing

The cockroach is a large insect with long antennae and 2 pairs of wings. The most common cockroach in cities like; Greater Manchester area are the German (15mm long) and the Oriental (up to 25mm in length).

They breed rapidly, eat almost anything and will tolerate many different habitats. The average adult may live for up to six months.

Some handy tips about cockroaches and cockroach pest control.

Cockroaches are an extremely distasteful variety of pest. They are often found in the home and are problematic to businesses. Especially in the catering sector because they carry diseases such as salmonella, typhoid and dysentery. Infestations have also been linked to skin disorders such as eczema and asthma. The most vulnerable to infection are children and the elderly. They like places that contain food, warmth and water. They will find most places in within large built up areas such as; Manchester, Birmingham and other cities alike, suitable habitats. Although infestations may begin in areas that have poor levels of hygiene. They will travel to find other suitable premises that possess ideal situations for them to feed and breed.

Cockroach Pest Control

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service, providing fast and efficient solutions in difficult conditions. Our team are approachable and discreet and our prices are extremely competitive.

Bird Control:

Feral pigeons are a well-adapted pest in the city, feeding on scraps of food and harbouring in and around buildings. With this comes significant mess; their nesting materials and droppings are unsightly

and smelly.

Various proofing methods are available to deal with your pigeon problem. Whether you need pigeon control in the city or country, Response Bio Cleanare the company to call who will ensure that your issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

bed bug and lice extinction

Bed bugs are on the rise, their numbers have increased significantly over the past 10 years. As the pests reached the brink of extinction, cheap air travel allowed people to visit destinations where the bugs still thrived; bringing them back to towns and cities in the UK. Problems with bed bugs in Greater Manchester stem from the overly populated area, as well as the sheer amount of hotels, hostels and shared housing.

Unfortunately, once an infestation has spread, there is no effective DIY method of bed bug removal. Once a heat or chemical treatment has been arranged, we advise belongings are stored away and the area made as clutter free as possible. Bedding should be stripped and washed on a cycle above 60°C. All of which will enable the treatment to work as quickly as possible.

The Methods and Service provided

Diatomaceous earth is commonly used to reduce bed bug activity. This organic compound, made from crushed fossils, is used as part of our heat and chemical treatments, although will not fully eradicate a problem if used alone.

Response Bio Clean, specialise in bed bug eradication. The most effective method of eradication available is heat treatment, as well as chemical treatments. You can trust Response Bio Clean to rid you of the pests. Not only do we exterminate bed bugs, we also provide disposal services for infested furnishing, such as beds, sofas and carpets, as well as a pick up and drop off services for treatment of luggage/belongings.

As a leading pest control company, our team at Response Bio Clean understand the distress infestations can cause for homeowners and businesses. This is why our team of bed bug treatment specialists work hard to swiftly and efficiently remove the pests.

What Response Bio Clean promise can be provided with Bed bug and Lice Treatments

Our heat treatment is the quickest, most effective method we recommend and comes with a specialist same day guaranteed.

In addition, we offer guaranteed chemical treatments, as well as bespoke heat or freeze treatments for removing bed bugs from other items, including luggage or furniture.

Our optional collection and delivery service also means you don’t have to worry about removing the items from the property yourself.

Benefits of a Heat Treatment

Rapid eradication: Heat treatment is the quickest and most effective method of eradicating an infestation. It is most commonly used against bed bugs, moths and cockroaches, but is also very effective against other insects, including fleas, beetles and wood boring insects, such as woodworm.

Kills all stages of insects: Once the ‘kill temperature’ is reached, all life stages of insects are destroyed, including eggs, larval stage and pupa. Eggs are not affected by any chemicals used in pest control, which is why heat treatments are a better method.

Safe: Heat treatments reduce the risk of chemical reactions as far less, if any, chemicals are used in the treatment.

Durable and flexible: Heat treatments are effective against numerous insects and can be used on most items.

Our experienced team of bed bug experts will assess your situation and recommend the best way to eradicate the problem.

How does Heat Treatment Work?

Modern day heat treatments are far more discreet than before. Properties are now heated from within, meaning there is no need to run pipes into a home which previously made an infestation obvious to neighbours. This whole process usually takes between six and eight hours (based on properties with three to five bedrooms). Thanks to our leading specialist heat treatment team and the best equipment in the industry, we can provide the quickest, most discreet and non-disruptive heat treatments available.

You’re in the right place! How it works

1. Survey

Inspection of your home or business premises will be done by our technician to determine the level of infestation. The technicians will check the hard to reach places for tiny rodents.

2. Treatment

Our treatment of pest control does not have any time limits as they can be treated well with professionally skilled techniques, ensuring that the last sign of any pest infestation is completely eradicated.

3. Observation

Adequte observations are undertaken after the treatment is conducted incase there are any signs of pest infestation still present, this helps to ensure our guarantee is maintained with you-our customer.

4. Prevention

Our team make sure that our clients feel that their infestation is completely dealt with, and as well educate them on prevention methods, so as to ensure they can avoid the same problem.
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