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Response Bio Clean are here to help with every aspect of waste management for your home, business or indeed pretty much anywhere else. Whether you have a need for help with Commercial, Domestic, Hazardous, Clinical, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment),  Recycling or simply a one-off waste removal then please get in touch so we can help you.

If you require a bespoke quotation then please email some images to: along with a telephone number where we can reach you. We will email you back quickly with a competitive and accurate quotation along with some suggested pick up times. We will speak with you if we need any clarification.

We take waste disposal seriously. We hold a current and valid Waste Carriers licence and have taken the time to gain ISO 14001 (Environmental Accreditation). We are always happy to help customers and do the right thing so if you need documentation or evidence to support your choice of using us then we are always happy to help.

Our Services What we offer

One off waste collection’s

If you have been struggling lately with the amount of waste which has built up, and your bins can no longer fit any more waste, or you require a clear out from a year’s long collection of waste which has been building up in your home or garden, then you can contact us.

Response Bio Clean attend your property and swiftly remove your waste. If you are concerned that we can not remove larger items of waste such as; furniture, then please don’t worry, however this needs to be communicated to us prior to the arrival of our team attending your property.

Hazardous waste collection

Most hazardous waste is produced from commercial businesses. If you mismanage your waste this will have a long-term effect on our environment, and every business should take responsibility for their own environmental imprint, and the way you can do this is by correctly disposing of your hazardous waste.

The various items which are deemed to be hazardous are:

  • Aerosols.
  • Adhesives.
  • Industrial Solvents.
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • Fluorescent tubes.
  • Batteries.
  • Laboratory and Bulk Chemicals.
  • Acids.
  • Washings.
  • Rags, wipes, contaminated packaging.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Paint.
  • Oil.
  • Asbestos.
  • Sanitary Waste.
  • Clinical Waste.

Response Bio Clean can assist your business with categorically disposing your waste according to the types of waste they fall into, thus helping you to reduce your environmental imprint. The Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005), do entail sizable penalties for not managing your waste correctly, and this does as well include the daunting prospect of imprisonment. So, future-proof your business and don’t allow yourself to be subject to fires, fines or legal proceedings.

Fridge-Freezer COLLECTION

The UK’s Environment Agency considers the Fridge or Freezer to be business waste if it comes from any of the following:

  • griculture
  • any commercial activity – including any you run from your home
  • construction
  • demolition
  • industry

This is important for you to know, as The Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005), penalise those aforementioned businesses who fall within such categories, and do not dispose of such waste responsibly. Response Bio Clean can attend your premises, up on an agreed time and date and safely dispose of your fridge freezers.

Food waste recycling from your commercial business can be arranged to be collected and distributed for recycling purposes. If your business produces a lot of left-over food, whether it is because you are a restaurant, takeaway, canteen or other, Response Bio Clean can support you with such food recycling services throughout any day of the week. You can always reply on our reliable and responsible waste management services to support you with all your waste disposal needs!

Flytip Removal

Has it been reported that there is a site which has been fly tipped and it is affecting your business home or your community? Fly tipping is such a frequent reoccurrence and unfortunately when it happens, the effect it has on our local environment is an all-round negative one.

This is because a lot of our parks, foot paths, alley ways, forest’s and streets have to endure a build-up of hazardous and filthy plots of waste which irresponsible persons have continued to offload, believing that it is ‘OK’, what will one more piece of waste do?! In other circumstances, we see waste which has simply been offloaded ‘on the go’, meaning that one day it wasn’t there, and the next it was there-in other words someone has come along and dumped a massive heap of waste. No matter how the waste is fly tipped, the penalty of committing such an act can ultimately entail a sizeable penalty and in many scenarios along-side imprisonment.

Contact us for a quick quotation along with pictures. We can remove ALL fly tipped waste and dispose of it accordingly, ensuring that all hazardous waste is properly disposed or recycled.

Clinical waste collection

Response Bio Clean can support with the collection for safe disposal of clinical waste. We hold all the necessary accreditations and certifications for such services.

If you require a quotation for such services, then please contact us via email, along with you address, company information and details of such waste.

Sharps and Needle Disposal

Response Bio Clean can attend your business and remove all sharp and hazardous needles,

glass or otherwise dangerous objects which has the potential to cause significant harm or otherwise cause death.

Scheduled waste removal

We can provide you with a regular, reliable and cost-effective waste collection service. In order of acquiring an accurate quotation, you will need to provide information of such waste to be disposed, how often you require it to be collected and your business address.

Usually, the types of waste which are obtained from commercial premises are; plastics, bubble wraps, canteen waste, packaging waste etc. If you require a bespoke-tailored waste collection service, this will require a detailed explanation in order of you acquiring an exact quotation. You can always contact us via 03337720638, if you prefer.

Recycling waste collection

Supporting your business with your recycling duties all year round. Whether you need us to support you with the collection of food waste for compost, plastics or paper/cardboard, Response bio clean will always endeavour to assist you.

Response Bio Clean have been certified as a company who are continually adhering to the ISO 14001 standards, thus ensuring that as a company, we reduce our environmental imprint. Therefore, we understand our client’s responsibilities and part taken to assist with the overall contribution to reduce their environmental imprint. We take the responsibility of ensuring all recyclable waste is disposed of accordingly.

WEEE recycling and collection

Response Bio Clean are an Approved WEEE recycling company that can take care of your businesses needs within a minefield of confusing recycling WEEE needs.

Computers, laptops, printers telephones and various other electronic devices which you require to be disposed of responsibly and safely. Since the introduction of the Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive, office computers, kitchen appliances and any similar electrical equipment is required to be diverted from landfill. To avoid harmful metals, such as lead, mercury and cadmium, from soaking into landfill soils and polluting water supplies, Response Bio clean offers sustainable collection, recycling, and treatment services for all of your WEEE needs.

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