"Statement of Urgent Notice for the customer regarding COVID-19" Response Bio Clean

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The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as Coronavirus, is an exceptional circumstance with on-going ramifications for everyone. As the situation continues to develop and change, Response Bio Clean will provide updated advice, resources and guidance in line with current Government guidance to support our employees and customers.

If anyone in your household or business has become unwell, and has developed at least one of the symptoms of Coronavirus, then please contact Response Bio Clean as a matter of urgency. We have a duty of care towards members of the public and our team to protect them from threats to health and dangers of life. We will postpone the date of work scheduled, and after the statutory isolation period has ended, we will contact you to rearrange a convenient date and time.


24/7 Emergency Services


This depends on the customer’s location and the daily schedule. Sometimes, what we do is ask for photos to be sent of the situation/disaster so we can quickly evaluate the damage, the process and the hours of work that will be put in. We will then communicate when we can get on site. However, if a member of our team needs to get on site as a matter of critical urgency then we will arrange this and we have always managed to get onsite within 1-3 hours of the first point of contact.

Yes, our staff are fully trained to the highest standard. Our staff has studied across the United Kingdom to obtain the qualifications required for this industry. Our team continues to develop their skills with new courses and qualifications which add immense value to our workforce and the expertise needed for the type of work we do.

Yes, of course. A lot of our weekly work comes through emergency jobs and we often receive calls through the night to deal with situations, such as crime scene clean up, sewage leaks and more. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to emergency jobs to the best of our ability. Any customer can call, email, Facebook message or live chat at any time and we will do our utmost as a team to get to you as soon as possible.

A job is never completed until a final inspection is done by the person who has contacted us. Initially, a member of our team will attend the site and evaluate the extent of the job at hand and then communicate about the hours, manpower and pricing. Some jobs may take more than a visit, depending on the type of job put forward. This will always be communicated to the customer and any inconveniences that may arise from this, we will work around them, giving the best result to our customers.

We accept cheque, cash or bank transfer. Payment is due once the final inspection has been done and the job is written off.

Yes, we have the latest machinery and chemicals as well as other equipment needed for particular jobs within this industry. We arrive at the site prepared and ready to do the job. We may need to wear full body suits, depending on the job and also, if the customer needs to be present within the working area then some protection will be given to them.

No, a contract is not required as we work on an emergency schedule to alongside contracts that we do have. However, if a customer is satisfied with the response and finished result that our team has provided then some communication regarding a contract can be initiated. A contract with Response Bioclean gives businesses the reassurance that they always have a saviour if a disaster strikes. Those who do have contracts with us will be prioritised too. We respect the loyalty of our customers and a contract can seal that loyalty and bring about a new trusting working relationship with Response Bioclean.

In the past 6 months, we have secured 12 contracts with top-ranking businesses across the United Kingdom and we still respond to our emergency calls daily with pride and professionalism. So don’t hesitate if we do not have a contract with you; we will still be there for you and do our best to get the job done as smoothly as possible.


Response Bio Clean teams have been supporting the public and private sectors, ensuring they are COVID-19 secure, with pre-emptive strikes and decontamination cleaning taking place up and down the UK. If you need our essential COVID services then please follow the below link.