"Statement of Urgent Notice for the customer regarding COVID-19" Response Bio Clean

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The spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as Coronavirus, is an exceptional circumstance with on-going ramifications for everyone. As the situation continues to develop and change, Response Bio Clean will provide updated advice, resources and guidance in line with current Government guidance to support our employees and customers.

If anyone in your household or business has become unwell, and has developed at least one of the symptoms of Coronavirus, then please contact Response Bio Clean as a matter of urgency. We have a duty of care towards members of the public and our team to protect them from threats to health and dangers of life. We will postpone the date of work scheduled, and after the statutory isolation period has ended, we will contact you to rearrange a convenient date and time.

Squat Clearance

24/7 Emergency Services

Squat Clearance

Recovering a property that has previously been occupied by squatters can be a very difficult and traumatic experience. Sometimes just the thought that someone has violated your property can be enough to avoid wanting to have to deal with the aftermath.

We are professional squat clearance and cleaning specialists. Whatever situation your property has been left in then we can help you. Whether the situation involves clearing food, furniture, drug materials, furniture or anything else then please call us on 03337720638 and we will help.

When the rubbish has been removed and made safe then we can get to work cleaning and disinfecting if necessary depending of course on the situation. If the property needs restoration work such as building, electrical, plumbing or decoration then we can also help if needed. Commercial or residential properties, small or large, please get in touch.

We're happy to help answer any questions you may have.


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    Response Bio Clean teams have been supporting the public and private sectors, ensuring they are COVID-19 secure, with pre-emptive strikes and decontamination cleaning taking place up and down the UK. If you need our essential COVID services then please follow the below link.