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Response bioclean are a highly reliable and specialised cleaning company who provide all-round cleaning solutions to suite your needs. In the coming of Covid-19, Response bioclean have been supporting many of our clients, with pre-emptive strikes in order of eliminating potential coronavirus. Some of the methods we have been utilising are bio fogging/fogging as well as hand sanitising. These have been used by specialised cleaners for many, many years, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a large proportion of the cleaning industry now introduce bio fogging to the many services which they offer. At Response bioclean, our technicians already have many years of trained, experienced hands when it comes down to excersing cross contamination cleaning methods. This has inevitably prepared them for an event of this scale.

Response bioclean have been able to keep themselves and our clients safe throughout high risk Covid-19 sanitation cleans. Our clients have either had confirmed diagnoses of Covid-19, suspected or precautionary cleans to prevent contamination as best as possible. The industries which have been most receptive of these pre-emptive strikes have been within the retail, health care, building and educational sectors. The basis of hazardous cleaning involves key preventative techniques which involve organisation, strategy and our clients getting on their hands and knees many of the time.

Why it is so important to have a trained and specialised, bio hazardous technician visit your site and sanitize your facility during this …?

  • We understand the high risk of exposure from harmful pathogens
  • We know what types of chemicals are the most independently tried and tested chemicals utilised to create bug hostile environments
  • We are trained to be aware of how contamination comes into existence, thus preventing further development of high-risk infections being spread and eradicating suspected viruses living within your environment
  • We are trained to know how to prevent cross contamination- the ultimate reason for a bio hazard specialist to be called in is for their expert cleaning methods they have of preventing further spread of diseases/viruses.
Covid Decontamination
Covid Decontamination

How could we cross-contaminate the Coronavirus?

Firstly, cross contamination can occur either directly or indirectly, for example: if a person has been in contact with someone who is infected with covid-19. In direct contamination occurs when we have touched an area where pathogens are still live and harmful for another person to then transfer it to their eyes, nose and mouth. In recent weeks, independent health researchers/ practitioners across the western countries have found evidence that the virus is being transmitted via airborne transmitters. New England Journal of Medicine reveals that SARS-CoV-2 can stay suspended in the air for three hours, (M. Varga, 2020). This being said, it is necessary to keep in mind that although the WHO are not officially re-addressing their guidelines, we have all learned so far that the best resolve to this pandemic is to overdo precautions in order of protecting one-self and others from the spread of coronavirus. This is why Response bioclean recommend bio fogging and hand sanitation as a means of making a large/small area safe.

Response bioclean return to work strategy

  • Risk assessment plan and recommendations following lockdown.
  • Compulsory, routine hand washing up on entrance and through-out the time present on site.
  • Correct PPE
  • Fogging misters utilised within large areas
  • Clean towelling for hand sanitation
  • Effective coronavirus anti-bacterial disinfectants which have been proven successful through research
  • Cross contamination procedures practiced when attending site for covid-19 cleaning
  • Cleaning technician referencing system for track and trace capabilities

Once you have had confirmation that someone within your work place has been infected, or at least had to go into isolation, the first thing you must do for the sake of you and your employees and members of the public is have the premises thoroughly disinfected with fogging and hand sanitising methods.

Covid Decontamination
What are the most effective methods to sanitization against Covid-19 that a hazardous cleaning specialist could provide?

Hand sanitization

Bio Fogging

ATP check to check fogging effectiveness

Public safety first. Quality as a standard.